Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In Memory of Linda Cafferillo 2/24/15

I hear the splinters form
And I begin to shatter
As I stand 
Eyes filled with sorrow
Threatening to spill over
As I learn
Of the loss
Of yet another
So dearly loved
So cruelly taken
And lost to me

But I have something of yours.... Something that even as greedy
As final
As heart wrenching as 
Can not take away 
From me

The way you would smile at me
The way your eyes
Would glow
With love and pride
When you spoke to me
Of your children 
Your grandchildren
And how they were your
Greatest achievement 
The way your hand fit
With my own
And the way 
You could make 
The whole world
Fall away
With just a word
A touch

Nobody but you
Has ever come close
To melting this ice I've 
Formed around my heart
And grows colder still
Inside my chest

Friday, February 20, 2015

Consumed 2/20/15

I sit alone
And thoughts
Consume me...
Thoughts of love
That I have decided
Just isn't for me...
Love that makes you
Burn for the touch
Of that one person
I'll never have...
I've never had...

And the echo's of the past
Return with a vengeance
It's not my fault
I did nothing wrong
For once in my life
Something went wrong
That was completely
Out of my hands
And yet I still believe
I am at fault
And always will be

Learning slowly
That nobody
Could have saved me
But me
And I didn't want
To be saved
By anyone
But me
But I chose the
That nobody can
But me

And I am

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2nd Place 2/10/15

The trumpets sound
And I feel myself
Like I'm rushing
Into something
While standing
Completely still
On display
Ready for
Waiting for
Their dirty hands
To run over my
For flaws
Like a prized
At the county fair

Red ribbons
Pounded into
My flesh
Are now
Falling away
Leaving behind
The trailing blood
Left in their wake
Because I was never
Worthy of the blue
Before ever being
Given the chance
To deny
The truth
I'm not Grade A
Because I lack
The purity
To attain