Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wraith 7/5/15

I am
Cold and
By the hand
I've been dealt
I'm unable to
Find a light
In my world of
My world of
They say that
Time would heal
This wound
But they lied
It's become a
Monster that has
Overcome and
Enveloped all my
It's become the
Agony that
Sits at the corner of
My lips
That turns my smile
Into a sneer
That makes every
Chance of joy
Die a swift and
Violent death
That takes my
Ability to hope
And kills it
I don't understand
How something so sweet
Something so beautiful
So innocent
Could take a woman
Who once believed
In second chances
And turn her
Into a wraith
A vile shrew
Who's bitterness
Has become
Her reason
To live