Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Turn. 10/21/14

I've heard it said
That it can't rain
All the time
That the sun will
Fight it's way through
The darkness and 
The sun will find it's time
In which to shine

Will it
Be my turn 
To shine

I feel like I've fought my way
Through so much darkness 
That it's almost become 
Part of me. 
And change 
Has never been
Something in which
I seem to excel
But sometimes
I feel the light 
Trying to find it's way
Up and out 
Of this blackness
In which I've found myself
A home. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Heaven Waiting 10/20/14

I held you close
In the early morning light
The world was calm
The moon still bright
You turned your head
You opened your eyes
And you smiled
So sweetly
It haunts me still
What was there 
In your mind
Inside that smile?
Did you already see 
Heaven waiting?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pretend 10/15/14

I stand out in the rain 
That the baby I just held
Was my Kairi. 
He smelled so good
As babies do 
All soft and sweet
And I ache so badly
To hold my Kairi 
That I can hardly stand 
The pain

I wish
So badly
To feel her little body
Snuggled on my chest
The way she was 
The last time I held her
Not knowing it would be our last
And I remember 
How good she felt
And how precious 
Those last moments were
And I guard them 
In my memory
Because I was the one
Who held her
Who loved her 
As she slipped into
And I was the one
Who will hold those 
Last fleeting moments 
In my heart and mind
Until I meet her there.