Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ashes 5/31/15

Sitting on a shelf
In a pretty pink 
Marble urn
Are the ashes
Of a life
The ashes of 
A miracle
I wasn't supposed
To have
A sign of hope 
That was never 
Meant to be mine
So she was called home
And all I have left
Are the ashes
The ashes 
Of all my hope
All my love
All my heart and
All my soul
Are there...
In that box

In ashes

Falling Away 7/10/15

I feel it all
Just slipping away
Like I'm standing in the rain
Trying to catch the raindrops
And I'm losing it all
Bit by bit
Feeling it all
Slipping through
My fingertips
I think I got
Too close
To having
The life
I never believe
I deserved
So close
That when it all
Fell away
I was left
Trying to hold on
To a yesterday
That no longer
Wants me

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Someday 5/11/15

Do you not see
What I see?
Can't you see
Where this path
Of hatred and
Misery ends?


She'll be able to see
All the texts
All the calls
Every attempt
That I've put forth
To simply be
A part of
Her life

She'll read
Every bit of
Every vicious
Every ounce
Of bitterness
That you've
Thrown out
Not in her defense
But to make yourself
Feel better for the
Wrongs of the past
And YOU will
End up
Choking on
The ashes
Of the destruction
You've incited

When she sees that

She will hate you for it....
Can't you see that?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seven 5/5/15

She's gotten so tall
So lanky
Skinny and 
She smiles 
And the world 
Can't help 
But smile with her

She turns seven today

And no matter how many 
No matter how many
Voice messages 
I've sent
Or how much I've 
Begged and threatened 
I'm still
Not allowed
To spend it
With her
I have court backing
And still
He's kept us apart
Still puts me in this 
Story as a monster

But I don't see it that way
And from the looks of things
Neither does she

So Happy Birthday 
My Sweet Irelynd
Mommy does love you
And wish she was here
No matter what anyone
May say to the contrary