Friday, July 28, 2017

Colder 7/28/17

I lay here becoming
Colder inside
With every breath
I believe truly
That there is something
Wrong with me
Something broken
Because a person isn't
Supposed to go through
So numb
So tired of being hurt
That you've cut yourself off
From feeling anything
From allowing yourself
The forbidden pleasure of
Allowing yourself
To be loved
Because finding yourself
Daring to reach for something
You haven't allowed yourself
To feel and finding that
It was nothing more than a
Cruel joke
A whim of someone
Just as broken
Could be the last hurt
You allow yourself to feel
Before you truly find yourself
Completely lost
And unable to love
And unwilling to try

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Song and Dance 5/4/17

I believe
That once again
I have placed myself
In a situation
That I have 
Lost control
And I am once again
On the edge
Just one carefully
Measured step away
From falling
And watching 
The life I have 
Placed together
So carefully
Come crashing down
Around me...
Just one wrong move
And I will
Find myself 
Back on the street
And I'm starting 
To wonder....
If that's not where
I'm supposed to be...
Because playing the 
"I can do it on my own"
Theme seems to be 
A song and dance that
I simply 
Can not

And I'm tired
Of trying to be 
Tired of being 
Tired of having 
No one
To hold
When nights like these
Come crashing down