Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thankful 11/23/17

There are a few things
That I think it's time for me
To be thankful for...
Like, I'mthankful I'm just an Afterthought to those
I most care about.
Thankful that I'm about done Turning myself inside out
To please other people's
Ideas of what they think
I should be doing
What they think I should be Saying and how they think
I should be living.
I'm thankful that today,
I get to be all by myself
Giving thanks
For the life
I no longer want

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Breanne's Obituary 11/16/

Once again
I lay here on my bed
The truly insane
Conundrum that has
Become my world

And the sad part is
I get excited...
The game gets me
Up and moving

Instead of wallowing
In my misery
And choking on
The hurt and the
Inside me
Over all the losses
I have suffered

I find myself just
Existing in this life..
Like Breanne died
The day Kairi lay
Lifeless in her arms
You lost Breanne too...

And you're left with
The empty, cold,
Insane bitch you see
Before you now
I may still be walking
But I'm so dead inside
There is no coming back
My heart has been shattered
One too many times and
I just can't seem
To make myself

Anything but the daughter
Who hasn't spoken to me
Since she assumed incorrectly
That I killed her baby sister
And the child that loves
And misses me who I can't
See because I know she will
End up hating me too
And that will End it for me
The living corpse I am
Will finally lose everything

And end this living death
I seem to be buried under

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Everybody Elses Girl 10/19/17

I can't count them
The ones that bring me
Flowers that make me
So sick to see that I
End up burying them
At the bottom of my
Garbage can.

The ones that tell me
I'm beautiful
Because they choose not
To see the monster that
Lives just beneath my skin
That I feel inside
Every time
I hear how
Beautiful they think
I am...
Makes me sick
Because I lost any
Bit of beauty
I still had in me
The day I started
Making them all pay
For what should only
Be given in love

The day I became
Everybody else's girl
Maybe one day
I'll be my own...

Monday, October 2, 2017

Benediction 10/2/17

I feel my heart
Where there was 
Nothing but a 
Silent benediction
An empty echoing
Chamber where 
My love laid dried up
Withered... Dust 

Until you came along... 

And somehow,
Became the 
Without my realizing
It had even happened
Until it was too late
To stop it...
Too late

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Glutton for Punishment 9/12/17

There's something about
The way you make me feel
Because you make me feel
When no one else can
You touch something inside me
That I thought had died
The last time I had my heart
Handed back to me
In pieces

I guess I'm just a
Glutton for punishment

Cuz I know you will too
I know inherently
That you are only in my life
To show me
That I'm still capable
Of achieving
The myth
Of love

Yeah I said it


But I don't know if
I am falling for you
Or the idea of you
What you have become
To me in such a short time

How I find myself
Holding my breath
When I hear footsteps
On my stairs
Because every time
I hope you'll be the one
Coming inside....

I know I'm broken
I know you don't see me
In the same light

But in the dark
Having you snoring
In bed beside me
Or laying in your arms
On our way to the moon...

Those stolen moments with you
Have become the highlight
Of my days

Watching you sleep
The way you look so
At peace
Because yes...
I laid there and
Watched you sleep
For a while...

I can't tell you
Any of this
Because I know
If I do
I'll have to sweep up
The last pieces of my heart
I gave you without
Your knowledge

So I spill my guts here
Because I find I'm choking
On the words I can't say
And I fear the day
They come spilling out

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Confusion 9/1/17

I'm completely and totally
Confused by you
Because there are so many
Sides to you
That I don't know
Which I crave more
The side that I found
Sleeping peacefully
In my bed this morning
Or the one I saw just
Moments after you woke
I have never wanted
Someone inside me
As badly
As I do
But I find
You're already there
Because I see you
Every time I close
My eyes
I'd have given anything
To have been asleep
Beside you
To feel your arms
Wrapped around me
But I know
Deep inside
You don't want me
Not like I do you
And it cuts me
To the quick
When you
My advances
When I can't give you
The ride you

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mine 8/31/17

Every time I see you
It slams home the
Reality I've come to
Expect from life
The look on your face
That says you
See me
But you don't see me
You don't see how
Behind the facade
I yearn for you
I ache to make you
Smile at me
You make me want
To be a better
But I can't show you
The me I want you
To see more than
Any other.
I can't show you
How badly
I want to
Call you mine

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Landmine 8/30/17

I allowed myself
To care too much
And have stepped
Into a landmine
One I saw coming
A mile away
But was too full of
To make myself
Avoid the danger
And now
Standing poised
On the edge
Of annihilation
I find there's only
One place
I would rather be

In your arms

Monday, August 28, 2017

Crave 8/27/17

There are too many
Pieces of me
That I've lost
Along the way
Too many sides
To choose but
Very few
I care to be on
Except my own

Until you
Walked into my life
When it was so close
To ending
I could taste it
And craved its embrace

Until you
Gave me that smile
Free of charge
And made something
Wake up inside
The nothing
I've become

So that the only embrace
I crave now
Is yours

Evaluation 8/19/2017

So I lay here in my bed..
5 am
Hearing the morning birds
Bitching outside my window...
And I'm seriously thinking it's time
To to evaluate....
To take stock
Of the ones I want
To be in my life
Come daylight...

I don't even know anymore
Which ones are really my friends
Or which ones are my
Worst enemies....
But I do know this...
The one I absolutely despise
More than the rest
Won't stop smirking at me
From my bathroom mirror

Friday, July 28, 2017

Colder 7/28/17

I lay here becoming
Colder inside
With every breath
I believe truly
That there is something
Wrong with me
Something broken
Because a person isn't
Supposed to go through
So numb
So tired of being hurt
That you've cut yourself off
From feeling anything
From allowing yourself
The forbidden pleasure of
Allowing yourself
To be loved
Because finding yourself
Daring to reach for something
You haven't allowed yourself
To feel and finding that
It was nothing more than a
Cruel joke
A whim of someone
Just as broken
Could be the last hurt
You allow yourself to feel
Before you truly find yourself
Completely lost
And unable to love
And unwilling to try

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Song and Dance 5/4/17

I believe
That once again
I have placed myself
In a situation
That I have 
Lost control
And I am once again
On the edge
Just one carefully
Measured step away
From falling
And watching 
The life I have 
Placed together
So carefully
Come crashing down
Around me...
Just one wrong move
And I will
Find myself 
Back on the street
And I'm starting 
To wonder....
If that's not where
I'm supposed to be...
Because playing the 
"I can do it on my own"
Theme seems to be 
A song and dance that
I simply 
Can not

And I'm tired
Of trying to be 
Tired of being 
Tired of having 
No one
To hold
When nights like these
Come crashing down