Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pretend 10/15/14

I stand out in the rain 
That the baby I just held
Was my Kairi. 
He smelled so good
As babies do 
All soft and sweet
And I ache so badly
To hold my Kairi 
That I can hardly stand 
The pain

I wish
So badly
To feel her little body
Snuggled on my chest
The way she was 
The last time I held her
Not knowing it would be our last
And I remember 
How good she felt
And how precious 
Those last moments were
And I guard them 
In my memory
Because I was the one
Who held her
Who loved her 
As she slipped into
And I was the one
Who will hold those 
Last fleeting moments 
In my heart and mind
Until I meet her there. 

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