Thursday, November 6, 2014

Letter to JM 11/6/14

I see
Your beloved face
In pictures 
I wasn't meant 
To see 
Because you 
Despise the very
Air I breathe 
Because of all the
Rotten memories 
That have now 
The good 
I understand 
You're reticence 
Your unwillingness 
To allow such an
Unfaithful foe
Back into 
Your world
Into your confidence 
Even your acquaintance

No matter what 
Steps I work 
Or how much 
A person can change 
I can't erase the memories 
Of how badly I have 
Let you down 
That have gotten us
To this season of silence 

But it doesn't change 
The sound
Of my heart
Shattering inside
My chest
No matter how
I am of 
This agony

I still miss you 
With every breath
With every tear
I shed 
At this loss
And even If
You never let me 
Back into your life 
I will be watching 
I will be loving
And I will be waiting 
Should your step 
Ever falter back
In my direction 

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