Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Looking In... 12/16/14

Looking in
That's me
Always the one
Watching others
Have their
Happy little lives
While I stand
Allowing the
Winter to
Freeze me

Put here because
I fucked it all up
All by myself
The choices
I've made
Were never taken
Never taken
For granted

Until I realized
What I took
For granted
Was Me
Who I could have been
Who I was meant to be
I've finally come
To terms with
The glaring truth

I'm not allowed
To have happy
To have trust
To have love
To have comfort
To have a home...
To have a family

These are things
I crave
Like I crave
My next breath

But things
I'm not allowed
To hold
While I stand
On the outside
Looking in....

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