Monday, October 5, 2015

How 10/5/15

How do you begin
To make amends?

How do you
Begin to heal
The pain?

I want nothing more
Than to have been
Able to be there
With you
For you
Because I know
You were scared
Even though I know
How strong you are.

I know I miss you
I know I think about you
Every single day
I know I can't stop
The tears that fall
Every time I think of you
Laying in a hospital bed
And telling them that
You didn't want me
To know
You didn't want me there.
When you went through
Something that big
Something that life altering.
Something that could have
Taken you away from me

I have lost one child
That I will never hold again
If there truly is a God
I will hold you again

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