Friday, May 20, 2016

The Accident 5/20/16

I am not at fault this time
I did nothing wrong
I swerved right
When I should have gone left
And when I came to
I had lost more
Than I had ever bargained for
Because I lost you
Sitting in the wreckage
Of something once so beautiful
Something once so precious to me
While the realization hit
About the same time I hit the boulder
I've lost you
After I spent the day
Trying to do something good for you
Trying and succeeding to pull a rabbit
Out of my normally empty hat for you
And on my way to pick you up
To show you that I had accomplished
This amazing hat trick
The fates decided to test our connection
By throwing us a curve

I believe everything happens for a reason
And even in the midst of tragedy,
You learn something about yourself or others
And now I've learned a lesson about us
That I never thought I would see
I thought I had found a true friend in you
Someone who would stick with me
During the good times
As well as the bad
But now I see
What I had hoped
I never would...

Please just know
That I love you
And I am very sorry
Accidents happen
It's how we face the bad times
How we deal with the problems
And remain true to each other
That define a friendship

I guess your definition got lost in translation

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