Thursday, October 6, 2016

Jillian 10/5/16

I would do anything
To show you
How much I miss you
And how badly I want
To find some common ground
On which to stand beside you.

I would give anything
To have been the mother
You deserved
I know why you despise me
Why you don't want to
Allow me to be a part of
Your life now...
And I don't blame you...
The only thing I was ever
Truly good at
Is fucking everything up
So now
My hope hangs
On the possibility of
Someday maybe...
Someday you'll be able to
Look at me
And no longer
Find me wanting
I know I can never
Make it right...
But I would give my life
For the opportunity
To try...

Until then
My heart resides
Where it always has

With you

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