Monday, November 11, 2013

Never 11/11/13

You're never going to love me
The way I do you
You'll never be able to feel
This way for me
Because I fell off my
And I fell hard
Because I couldn't
Give back
The one thing
You always wanted
The one thing
I gave you
That no one else
I couldn't save her
And I know
That deep down
Where you hide
Your heart
You blame me
Because I couldn't
Save our baby
And you don't know
You can't know
The agony I feel
As I lay here
Attempting to sleep
Knowing that she'll
Be there
As I close my eyes
Inviting me to relive
A life I can't have
With all I once held
Dangling from my
So I can lose you all
When I close my eyes
When I see her face
When I lose you
All of you
Every night

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