Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks-Fucking-Giving 11/28/13

People just don't get it
Normally I troll facebook
And I don't find anyone
Who gets it...
Until today.
Until I read this:

Please do not take offense, these are my random thoughts.....I am NOT thankful today by any means. I hate today. I wish I never woke up today. I am not thankful that my dead daughter is a reminder of how much you love your family. I am not thankful that when we sit down to eat I will be staring at an empty chair and probably vomit on my plate. I am not thankful that I cannot hear Shea tell me how much she hates turkey and rather eat Lucky charms. I am not thankful. I am full of hate, anger, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, fear, rage, anguish, and pain. I am not thankful.

Please Lisa, know that
You're not alone
I feel terrible for what you
And your family are going through
Today would have been my Kairi's
First family holiday
And believe me,
I don't want to face it either...
I don't want to face the fact
That with Kairi gone,
I no longer have half the
Family I came to love
Once again...
On the outside looking in
On his beautiful family
I want to beat the shit
Out of something
Because this pain inside me
Is going to come pouring out
It's days like today
That make you wonder why the hell
They call it Thanksgiving
Because the last thing
I feel today
Is thankful

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  1. Why do people feel the need to celebrate some so generic one day out of 365? Why can't there be celebration 365 days? I took my boys to Walmart (if I were in my right state of mind--I may have realized it was Black Friday) to buy a toy so they can enjoy it today for tomorrow may not be. I saw a little girl crying and the unappreciative bitch who I assume is mom scolding her for whatever she was crying about. Probably the day before she was so fucking thankful and today she is an ungrateful mother. She should be dead and my daughter should be here.