Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Worst Enemy 9/23/14

Is there hope 
For one such as me? 
Is there a light 
At the end
Of this seemingly 
Endless tunnel?
Sometimes I try
To look ahead 
And dream of 
A better life
A future in that light 
Somewhere warm and 
One where I can hold 
My babies once again 
And somewhere 
I can finally feel whole
Somewhere to heal 
From these vicious
Self inflicted wounds...

But there's always someone 
Standing solidly
Blocking my path
Getting in the way
And taking me further 
From the life I wish for 
And when I see her 
She's always shrouded in 
And I always followed 
Her down the wrong path 
Until I decided to shine a light
Into her ravaged face 
And realized I was always
Just staring at
Myself in the mirror 
At my own worst enemy

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