Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jason 7/23/13

While you slept
You put your arms around me
As I reached over you
To take our daughter
To feed her
And I sit here now
Trying to remember
The last time you
Held me
And I so needed to be held
After the day I had.
After the pain
All I know
All I can say
Is that I remember
How good,
How at peace,
How safe,
I felt
The last time
You wrapped me
In your embrace
And I have missed
That feeling
More than I know
How to express...
And feeling it again
Was like an answered prayer
In an otherwise Godless existence
Even though
You probably
Don't remember it...
Even though
You probably didn't know
What you were doing
In the time it took you
To unconsciously
Throw an arm around me
You showed me
A glimpse
Of heaven

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