Friday, July 5, 2013

Right 7/5/13

What is "right"...
Can you tell me the difference
Between right 
And what is meant to be?
Because I've gotten somewhat
Lost along the way...
Guess my view is somewhat 
Because I don't see
Right the right way
I don't see the wrong
In a lot
My morals
My values
My way of viewing the world
Isn't what you'd call
And I am not ashamed
Of the way I've had to live
My crazy life
I've said before
And I'll say again
That these things
These things you'd say
Just aren't right
Are the wrong that made
Me the me you see today
I've had to fight to survive
In a world that most people
Only ever live in
Perhaps I've always been
Just a little wrong
I think sometimes that the
Wrong is buried so deeply in me
That I'll never really know
What "right" feels like 
But it's okay
I may be wrong 
Just a little broken
But I like the person
I've become
While trying to find the
That emerges so slowly
Out of all the wrong.

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