Sunday, August 25, 2013

Accepted 8/24/13

So I've found
What I thought was
A feeling
I was supposed to
Only learn
One way
I have learned
How to love....
Without the knowledge
Of what it is
To be loved in return
The way you two
Beautiful women do

To be accepted
Flaws and all
Into the embrace
Of a mother
Born not of blood
But of something
So much more profound

To be bonded to someone
In a way I wasn't sure
I'd ever allow back into
My heart
Because the pain of losing
The love and acceptance
Of a sister
Once nearly undid me

But in these two women
I have found something
I never imagined I'd find

Just plain love
And a love that I
Crave and fear
In the same breath...
One of the sweetest forms
Of torture
Because I don't ever
Plan to lose
The hope you have
Instilled in me

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