Monday, August 19, 2013

Quilted 8/18/13

My past creeps in
Like a silent stalker
And kicks me in the face
With some glaring truths

First of these
Is this
I won't be free
From it...
Not ever
And even though
I would love to say to you
That I'm okay,
That I'm not broken
That I can be
All that you
Believe I already am
I refuse to lie
To the wonderful
People in my life...
It's like the quilt
You laid so perfectly
On the bed today.
Even one stitch
One moment
And the whole deal
Is skewed
Is able to be
Ripped apart
By the slightest

So I remember
And I relive
The pain of what was
That's stuffed inside
The hope chest
Inside of me
Like that beautiful quilt
Folded up precisely and
Put away
To make room for the new
But not forgotten
Not erased

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