Monday, August 12, 2013

Thoughts of You... 8/12/13

It hasn't been that long
Since I last saw your smile
Since we last spent time
Just being
Just being
And I'm finding myself
Unable to look away
From the darkness
In me
From the loss
Of you
From the rage
I feel sometimes
Because I'll never
Be able
To just be
With you again
The anguish I feel
Toward life
In all it's agony
From knowing
That you're gone
That you've passed
From this life
Into the next
Without me

That you've gone on
To wherever
And now I'm lost
Without your light

I think about you
At the oddest times
When I'm driving down
The highway
Wishing you were
Laughing in the passenger seat
Like today
Like every day
That passes
Without you

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