Friday, August 29, 2014

Miracle Grow 8/29/14

I see things
A little differently
Than others
I see people 
For who they are
Not what
I value honesty
I value love 
In it's purest form 
The love of a mother
To her daughter 
Born not of blood
But something greater...

I sit here beside you 
And I wish silently
That my children 
Had grown up 
With you
That I had 
That I had been able 
To grow with you 
As my caretaker 
Like one of your garden 
Loved and sheltered 
But it wasn't meant to be
Instead you get me after
Life has wilted me some. 
But as my master gardener
You've tended my fragile new
And let me feel the warmth 
Of the sun. 
I am learning
To be a good little
To show you that
I deserve your 
To show them all
Just how much 
I've grown
With your blessing
Under your love

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