Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Daddy 8/15/14

Im not ready
To lose you
Not ready to 
Face the rest of
My life 
Without your smile
Without your unique 
Sense of humor
Without your amazing 
Ability to see past the 
Bad in me
And find the good
In spite do all the 
Wrong I've done. 
The fear in me
At the thought of 
Living without you
In the world 
To lift me up 
When I've fallen
And to kick my ass 
When I'm acting like one 
Fills me with such 
I'm not ready
To lose you
Not at all...
But I will love you
Respect you
And keep the 
Promises I made
And I know you'll
Keep yours
Because you see
Once upon a time 
There was a little girl 
Who would wait for her 
To come home from work 
So that she could have 
Daddy and I time
Where she would pull off
His shoes and socks
And rub his feet
Until the time he 
Didn't come home...
Not for a long time
Not til the girl became 
A woman
And they had 
Met on the scortched bridge
That they had burnt 
From either end 
And together
They rebuilt it 
And now
The girl is older
And her daddy
Is ill
Sick with a most 
Horrid illness
And he stands 
Poised on the edge of
Now and forever
And she feels just like
A little girl again
Waiting for her daddy
To go home
Where he can be
Beyond the pain
Wishing him a good journey
But wishing selfishly 
For him to stay
Just a little longer

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