Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mommy 4/28/15

"She's my Mommy!" 
The little girl
Whispers excitedly
At first
And then repeats again
With more force
"Hi Mommy!"
I turn
And see her
Beloved face
And she runs
Into my arms
And she snuggles 
In deep
And she 
Looks at me
With those big 
Beautiful eyes 
And I know 
I know 
Because she has
Shown me 
I never thought
I'd see again....
My own sweet child
Showing me 
That I'm loved
That I'm wanted 
And I'm not giving up 
Not after tonight 

"That's my Mommy!"
"I miss you Mommy!"
"When can you come see me again?"
"Can you come tomorrow?"
"Daddy, can Mommy sit with us?"
And the look in your eyes
When you realized 
We couldn't stay

Please baby, 
I need you to know that 
I would have done
Anything you asked
Were it in my power 
To do so
But it's not up 
To just me

So tomorrow I go again
To try to be a part 
Of your world
Or perhaps
Make one of 
Our own
Where the hurt I saw
In your eyes tonight
Can't find us 

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