Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Until Now... 2/9/16

It began with a look...
A passing glance
Mutual attraction
Mutual infatuation
It began just as
Normal and as
Benign as could be...

But has grown
So big...
So big...

I thought I knew
What love was
What a true relationship
Was supposed to look like...

Until I was able
To look beyond the pale
And see for myself
What I crave in my own life...

Two people
Who have literally
Walked through fire
Crawled through hell
And battled the world
To be where they are today

Two people who know
The others heart
Without a single word spoken
Who can read each other
Finish each others sentences
Be together every moment in the day
And still crave more time
In each others arms....

I thought I knew what love was

Until now...

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