Sunday, March 6, 2016

I See 3/6/16

I saw you in passing
Just the other day
And I tried
To talk with you
Laugh with you
Take joy in
How much better
You're looking
And feeling
And doing

And I tried to share
My joy with you
Because so much
Has changed
For the both
Of us...

But you looked
Right through me
Like I was some
Disease from
Your past
That you wished
You could erase
And left
In such a hurry
You'd think
I'd tried
To bring you
To the hell
You crawled
Out of

You look wonderful
You seem to have it all
In check now
But remember
I see you
For who you were then
And who you are now
And wanted only to
Take joy in today...
And wish you the best...

1 comment:

  1. The past, is just that, the past. Everyone has the opportunity to wake up every single day and be the best person they can be on THAT day. Each person on this earth is afforded this gift, whether they choose to exercise it is a personal choice.