Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fierce 6/15/14

Trying to put things
Into perspective 
Has given me a gift
That I didn't see coming

When you showed me 
Just how hard your
Heart has become
You inadvertently 
Freed me

I no longer have to
Feel this unease inside me 
Thinking that I should have 
Done this
Said that
Tried harder
To keep things 
Not for us,
But to honor her
By being friendly
With you
So that we could 
Have that venue of
Open communication

But as of today
I'm free of this worry inside
That I'm somehow doing her
Wrong by not attempting 
She took that worry 
Out of my heart and mind
By sending me another
Of her messages from heaven
One that was unmistakably from 
Her after all that has transpired
In the past few days
After a few truths 
Were drawn into the light

I thank her
For showing me that 
She doesn't blame me 
For this parting of the ways
That has come to pass. 
I thank god she knows 
That I did all I could to 
Keep things decent
So we could celebrate 
Her life together
With her there
On her birthday 
But her family will 
Be present if no one is there
But me. 
I have peace knowing 
She saw it all
And sees that 
I love her enough
To put myself 
Out on a limb
To be the hated one
By others
But a fierce and loving 
To her

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