Saturday, June 14, 2014

Righteous Fury 6/24/14

I've heard it said
That hell hath no fury
Like a woman scorned. 
And I've been as scorned 
As a woman can get 
The moment you spoke 
Against the memory 
Of my child. 
Like you have any right
To do so. 

In two weeks
I will honor the 
The day of my
Sweet Kairi's birth. 
I'd offered to have a 
Memorial service
And include her entire family
But it seems my efforts
To have a day for her
With everyone in one place 
To honor her as one
Was just too much 
To expect out of those who
Claim to love her the most. 

There is so much 
That I would like 
To say here
So much that will
Sever the rest of the
Tie that has been 
Stretched too thin already 
By my righteous fury
In the face of such 
Blatant disregard 
For the memory 
Of so precious 
A life

One that I alone
Will continue to
And mourn
With every breath
I take
And every

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