Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear Irelynd, 6/25/14

I write this to you tonight 
So that you can look back
Someday and know that 
Even though I wasn't able
To be with you today
My heart was
And always is 
Beside you
Inside of you.

You're getting so big baby!
You're six years old now
And I have missed so much
That we will never be able 
To get back...
You have every right
To hate me as much 
As everyone else
And I won't blame you
If you do. 
You are lucky enough
To have a wonderful and loving
A beautiful and caring 
Woman stands in my place
And even though I am
Eaten alive with jealousy 
I also know that she loves
You just as much as I do. 
And I am at peace with that. 

Know always 
That I love you
And completely. 
The moment 
You ask for me
I will be there
Where my heart 
Has lived
All this time

I pray for that day 
Every single day
Every long lonely night
And with every breath
I breathe
I am so proud of you!

Congratulations my baby
It's on to first grade next year!!!


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