Sunday, June 15, 2014

Letter From Kairi to Her Daddy on His First Fathers Day. 6/15/14

Once upon a time
There was a little girl
Who loved her father
Very much. 
The little girl wanted 
Very much 
To spend this day
With her beloved father
To lay in his arms
And feel his love
Surrounding her...
But she was called home
By her Heavenly Father. 
On this day, 
Even though she lays
In His arms. 
She longs to feel
The love of her father
She had to leave down here. 
So this morning 
She sent her momma
A message for him...

My Dearest Daddy,

I miss you more
Than any words 
Could ever express, 
But I want you to know
I am loved
I am safe
And I am always with you. 
Always and forever
My love is in you

Happy Father's Day Daddy

Your Baby Girl
Kairi Alina McGowan

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