Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cause of Death 7/25/14

I have been as insulted as 
A woman and a mother as 
I am going to allow 
As of today I am no longer
Going to sit and take this
Vicious slander 
From people who
Once called themselves 
Family... People who are
Unable to deal with certain 
Truths that I will spell out 
Once again
So that there is no mistake. 
I spoke again with the 
Funeral director today
Just to hear from him    
That there was no change 
From his original findings
My child passed away 
From SIDS. 
But for some reason 
Someone connected to
Her fathers family would 
Rather spread 
Lies and try to 
Justify Kairi's passing
By telling people that I 
Caused the death 
Of my angel. 
And it is because of this
Because they would all
Rather believe this bull shit
And allow this woman 
Who is speaking for them
Without having even known 
My child
That I have set on a course of
Action that I believe I have to. 
At the time of her passing 
I allowed her urn to include
The last name of this family
Because I believed I was doing 
The right thing

And today I ordered the new one
While I had the director on the phone
So that her name is correct
As it was on her birth certificate 
Because my give a shit has finally
Shattered where this is concerned 
I loved my daughter to distraction and 
I refuse to take this sickening 
Insult quietly. 

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