Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Butterfly 4/2/13

She sees them on the window sill
Buried deep in their cocoon's
Wonders how they lived before
Wonders if they could feel her
Admiring them, their ability
To hide from the world
To hide from life

She watches them
As they slowly emerge
These beautiful creatures
Untouched by the horrors
She lived in the night
So full of envy
As she watches them
Fly away
Away from the pain
Away from the agony of
Her hell

Wonders if she'll ever
Be that pretty
Wonders if she'll ever be that free
One day when she's older
When she can run from him
From the pain these walls
One day when she's able
To come out of her cocoon
When she can spread her wings
Too long kept in darkness
Beauty too long hidden
Free to fly
Into the light

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