Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sam's Light 4/10/13

As I read the words in front of me
I feel a gut wrenching need
To act
To do something
To make a difference
To know that these words I write
This road I've walked
The good and bad choices
I've made
Have not been in vain...
That someone out there
Will read them
Will know them
Will find peace
Knowing that they're not alone
Knowing that I have hurt
As they have
And that perhaps my pain
Could make a difference
For someone else...

And then I read the words
Of a child I remember
Now a young woman
Who has shared the same pain
As I
And all I feel is rage
All I feel is bitterness
At a world that would allow
Such a light as she possesses
To have endured
Such degradation

And I applaud your bravery
For speaking out...
For being the catalyst
For someone like you
Someone who may be suffering
As you have
Because your words,
Your pain
Could be the beacon
That lights the way
For another lost soul...

All my love to you Sam...
And to those of you who read my words
Please, take a moment
To read hers...

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