Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Letters to My Rapist 32... 4/2/13

I can not describe the agony
And the desperate need to help
I feel in this moment....
When I am faced
With your pain
With your story
With your unrelenting
Agony with what you
Have lived
Having only just reached
Your teen years
After surviving what you have

And living on...

Can't grasp the reason behind
Why an adult would force
Himself on a young girl
I can't wrap my head around
What comes over a man
When he sees a young boy
Or a young girl
And feels desire for said child....

And I damn well don't ever want to

Because I'm on the other side
Of this fence...
Right beside you
I've been that young girl...
I've been the one who was
Ripped apart inside
When two men decided
I was ripe for the taking...
That raped away my innocence
That raped away my childhood...
That took away any goodness
And replaced it
With their sweat
Their semen
Their spit
Their venom...

And I survived as well...

And this is why
I believe I'm still here
Why I was allowed to survive
Why I was put in your path
To help you
To help me
To begin to heal

And I am here
To begin