Monday, April 1, 2013

Away... 4/1/13

What kind of monster
Have I become?
What kind of torture
Can I inflict upon myself
And those I love today?
I feel like a damn fool
For believing that you're
Better off without me...
That you're not missing me
As much as I'm missing you
So as not to alert anyone else
To your hurts...
I just can't stay away anymore
Believing that I'll hurt you worse
In the long run by having you
In my life is just bullshit
If it hurts you as much as it
Hurts me to stay away,
How could it hurt any worse if we
Were together...
Somebody tell me that
I'm so sick of being away from you
So sick of just hearing stories
I want to be able to create our own
I'm just tired of being away from you
Away from us
Away from a world where reality
Makes some sense...
Where we're together

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