Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fallout 7/19/14

I have a tendency 
To torture myself 
With things I should 
I seek out people
I should stay
Away from and 
I let situations that
Have no bearing 
On myself 
Become objects of 
I see things I 
Shouldn't sometimes
And for that reason 
I have tried to 
Make someone I
Once cared greatly for
See the folly of the 
Choices of recent past
It matters not that I haven't 
Been wrong yet in my readings 
But people will do what they will
Be damned the consequences 
I just fear the enormity of the 
Fallout from this choice 
This decision that you've made
In spite of the warning 
You feel up your spine and 
In your gut
As you read these words. 

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