Monday, July 21, 2014

To Connie Lynn 7/21/14

I looked through you
And saw myself 
On the other side 
I tried so hard 
To make myself 
Into someone 
You could love
But in the end 
I made you hate
All that I'd tried
So hard to be

This was my own mistake

I tried to love someone
Who couldn't love me
For what I was
Someone who took me
In hand and shaped me
Like clay, crushed me and 
Strangled what I was
Until I was without
A shape and form
Poured me out into
A mold I was too big
To fit
And left me there 
To wither and die
In the sunlight 
Just to make me 
Pretty enough
To make him feel
Pretty enough
To shelter the lie
That was his love
Until I began to 
Crack and chip away 
At the deceit 
And found a woman
Without form
For me to shape
This time
For me

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