Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shadows 7/16/14

As always
In the shadows 
As you dance onto 
The scene
With hair and skirt
Fanning out around you
Like a halo 
A woman's charms 
All her own 

Her secrets
Buried deeply 
All these years
Begin to show 
Around her eyes 
And her laugh lines
Furrow deeply 
Into worry
And the scars 
She held tightly
On the inside
Begin to shape her

Once a young girl
Full of promise 
Full of life
Now feels old
And withered inside 
Where she once held 
Her female charms
Became a chasm of 
Despair and anger
That she uses as a weapon
To deflect any hint of softness
Taken these days too often 
As weakness
And that she shows only 
In these shadows in which I stand
Watching memories of myself 
Play across my mind
Of the days before 
My reality came home
With ribbons undone. 

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