Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thanks to Tony 7/9/14

A tiny prince lays sleeping
Curled tightly into a ball 
Even though he is safe
Even though he is sheltered
From the storm
This night
He lays resting 
As though he has traveled
A great distance
And is weary 
From the road
He finds himself
A broke down palace
To take this respite
Full of women 
As road worn as he

And he is instantly adored
Because he shows them
That even though his beginning 
Was not one if pride
His present and his future
Are not set 
And he gives them all the love
He still carries inside
Through the world has shown him
Only pain
He still carries the ability
To love uninhibitedly 

Showing them that they too
Carry the ability to hold 
Such love inside

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