Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blame 3/31/13

How do you atone
For the mistakes
That put those you love
In the crossfire

There is no one to blame
But me
No one left
To carry the pieces
When I'm gone

Looking into the eyes
Of your child
And seeing
The deep well of sadness
You dug into her heart
When you fucked everything
So badly that it will
Never be the same
Never just be okay
Never stop hurting

And I never can...
Stop this burning rage
At the injustice of
What I did to us
And sure,
I could blame this one
Or that one
But this one falls
Squarely on my own
Broken shoulders

And I'll never allow
Forgiveness for this one
I'll never allow the blame to lay
In this bed I've made
With anyone but me....
Where it belongs.
Beside me

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