Thursday, December 12, 2013

And The Rant Continues... 12/12/13

I find myself
Unable to let go of
This tonight...
Unable to justify
The position I find myself
Flailing in...

(And I mean no offense
To the family I love and
Cherish with my rantings
This evening...)

But what the fuck?
I love all these people
Who gave me the bull shit
Line that they'd be there
For me in the aftermath
Of losing Kairi

But most of all
I rage tonight at the God
Who has simply and completely
Disregarded me...
Taken everything I had and loved
And dumped me back into a life
I can't handle or control
Without a fucking net.......

You simply have no idea how badly
I've wanted to end this shit lately
Because I'm failing,
I'm on the high wire and I'm
Going down and I can feel it
In my soul...
There's nothing left of me
If you just look closely
You can see it in my eyes...
I have nothing left to give...

I'm an empty soul
I'm empty womb
I'm an empty and
Vengeful bitch tonight
I could go the fuck off
So it's really good that
I am alone...
As per usual...
Alone, facing another night
Lost in the inferno of my
Fucked up mind...

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