Thursday, December 26, 2013

Justifiable Homicide 12/25/13

The tears fall
Like ice
Falling from the
Inside out
Hitting the pavement
Shattering upon impact
Just like I have
I'm as cold
As a woman
Can get
And now
It seems God's
Having yet another
Laugh at my expense
I've let too much in
And not enough
Comes back
I will not do this
I can not do this
You've taken all I had
And you'd like me to
Produce yet another life
To hand you
You take my children
And leave me empty
And cold inside
And in my weakness
I allowed him to
Use me even after
He'd thrown me away
And you wonder why
I have to do what
I'm going to have to do
It can't happen
I can't allow it
But you can all
Call me a killer
This time

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