Thursday, December 26, 2013

Death Knell 12/26/13

So what lies am I living on today
What bull shit lines can I deliver
To hide what's really going on
Behind my eyes,
And beneath my soul

I've now spent 3 years
Away from the ones I love
So that I can attempt
To do what's right
And not fuck them up
And the world they live in

Because the one I live in now
Carries only the sound of
The tolling of the death knell
There is nothing left of me
No semblance of the woman
I tried so hard to be

I keep holding on
But I know I'll never be allowed
To bring you back to life
I know that I can never hold you
I can never get back what I
Carelessly and selfishly lost
In my despair...

And so here I sit...
Allowing this season of grief
To encase my soul and what's left
Of my heart in ice...
Unable to see my way ahead...
Unable to claw my way out of
The well of naked rage
I have dug
One drop of blood
At a time...

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