Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bedtime Stories*** The Tale of the Broken Woman***... 12/7/13

Once upon a time...

Long ago,
There lived a young gypsy woman
Who's life had been
Many times over
Right along with her heart
She was known in the land
As The Broken Woman...
She had survived a life that
Had left her in pieces
She felt she was almost
Too broken
To ever be truly accepted
By the people of the land
To be liked by anyone else...
A woman who'd become so broken
So jaded, so afraid to believe
In anyone... anything
That she'd locked herself away
In a prison
She'd built all by herself
Around the shattered pieces
Of her heart and soul...
A prison that no one,
Could breach....

Until one chilly October morning,
The young and beautiful
Princess Constance had lost her way
On her journey, and had heard tales of
A mysterious young gypsy woman who possessed
The ability to look into the future,
Into the past, and beyond the veil.
She found herself lost and unable
To see her way ahead
To choose her path back home
Or to journey onward into the

And it happened that
Their journey's met
The Princess appeared to the
Broken woman
Like a blast of sunshine
A woman with such a light...
Such a unique personality
And such an ability to get past
Even the Broken woman's best laid defenses
Without even seeming to try...

They spent hours together,
And within that time, they
Both grew in the knowledge
That a very big moment had
Just passed

Two soul mates...
Lost in this world of craziness
Had found each other...

The Broken woman began
To see life through the eyes
Of the special gift she'd been given
When she found her sister...
Her sister, not of blood
The sister of her soul
The sister who began to help her
Make cracks in her wall
So that she could let in the light
And the life that came with
With this amazing woman
She handed the broken woman
Things she never believed herself
Worthy of holding
A mother and father
To love and respect
The three beloved children
Even her wild
Menagerie of animals... :)

This amazing woman
Opened not just her heart
Her home,
Her life
Her family
Her very world
To this broken shell of a woman
Who did not deserve
To be graced with the love
Of good people like these
And together,
They journey on...

To be continued...

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