Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolutions 12/31/13

You don't see you
The way I do...
All of you
Just little hollow paper dolls...
That flitter on the winds
Away from me...
Made up masks of
Of understanding
Of bull shit...
It's all bull shit...
The faces you think you hide
Behind your lip service
Of how much you care
Of how you'll be here
When my thoughts are the

Fucking lies
All of it...
And I'm so god damned
Tired of sifting through your
Of sifting through my own
That I have decided
To make my own resolution
This year

Fuck every last one of you
Who have walked away
When I needed you the most
It's finally on me...
All of it
And I can't wait to face this
New challenge
This new

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