Saturday, December 7, 2013

Irelynd and Kairi 12/7/13

Published on Facebook and memorialized here for Irelynd to read someday...

Irelynd and Mommy
Taking a moment here...
Just found these photo's and 
Had myself a good cry
These are pictures of two sisters
Who will never know each other.
The first is a picture taken in June 2008
Of Irelynd Anita Renee Waufle and I,
My second born child
The next picture was taken 
Just back in August 2013
Of Kairi Alina McGowan
My third born child
Both girls were a month old
When each picture was taken
Just five years apart

Kairi and Mommy
Who will never meet
Who never got to know of the
Existence of the other
Before Kairi's passing

How alike they look!

My heart is so heavy tonight with all that has passed
And all that has happened in the past few years.
The pain I have caused and the                                           wrong I have done
                                          To those I love the most is                                                 unforgivable to some
                                          Myself included                                                              
And perhaps I deserve to lose something so special.

But they didn't deserve to never have had the chance
To know each other
To know of each other.
I have given birth to three beautiful children
That have every bit of my heart
With every breath I take.
Until the day we meet again

Know there hasn't been a day that has passed
That you weren't in my heart and on my mind.
Know that I have missed you and cried myself sick
Over the choice I made to back out of your life until you were
Older and better able to understand

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