Friday, December 27, 2013

Fuck the Schedule 12/27/13

I guess I'm truly amazed
By the human ability
To break
To shatter under
The pressure applied
By the power of words
And the aching loneliness of
Being discarded like
You were never good enough
In the first place
To achieve that crazy thing
People look for in life...

Because I'm as broken
As naked
As empty
As a person can be
Taking a knife
To the carotid
And saying
Just Fuck it all...
Because I'm really there
I'm so close tonight
To taking the Joy
Out of Gods little
By finishing myself
Ahead of schedule

I feel just like a rat
In a maze...
I feel badly because
This little critter inside me
Called bitterness
Called hatred
Called rage
Is beginning to claw
It's way out
Before the game
Has ended

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