Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Absence... 1/22/14

It's over
All of it...
The needles
The pills
The endless urge
To be absent
From life
The endless aching
To be with her
To find a way to
Escape this pain
Of her loss
Of mine
The welcome oblivion
That comes when
The poison
Surges through me
Making me numb
So that I don't have
To wonder
If she's watching
Because I didn't care
I didn't want to
I didn't want to think
That she's seen it all
I'm tired of
Pushing my soul down
With every stab
Every mark
A benediction
Until today
Until today

I've been so absent
That I didn't realize
That I'd lost myself
Along this road
One more fucking time
And as of today
I'm absent
No longer

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