Thursday, January 9, 2014

Childhood Memories... 1/9/14

For some reason
The topic of childhood memories
Came up in conversation today
And now, all day long
I have this one moment
That keeps playing in my mind...

The older sister... being facetious of course
Decided to tell her little sister
That her Barbies came to life
Every time she left the room..
And of course the little sister looked
At her big sister skeptically...
And tried very hard not to believe
The story she'd been told...

Until the afternoon she went with
Their mother shopping and the
Big sister... being a bratty big sister
Decided it was time to play a little
Prank on her little sis....
So she went in and posed every one
Of her little sisters Barbie dolls
All over the room...
Some of them sleeping in the
Barbie mansion
Some driving in the
Barbie Corvette
Some even climbed the book case
And were looking at the books...
And when she was done she left the room
Alive with Barbies....

And then the little sister came home
And she went upstairs....
Big sister just waiting at the bottom
Until she went in and....

Her little sister Screamed her bloody head off
And the big sister tried hard not to laugh...
She ran upstairs and saw her baby sisters face...
The fear and shock on her face made her little joke
Seem like a cruel game...
She'd truly scared her...
Because when she walked into the room
One of the Barbies fell over...
Like she'd gotten caught by the little sister
And she fell down dead....

And the big sister
Feeling like dirt
For upsetting her baby sister
Who yes, could be annoying
And yes, could get her so angry
And yes, who followed her around
Asking her to read
"Tommit the Comet",
A book she truly despised...
Told her the truth of what she'd done
Because of the tears and the fear
In her little sister's eyes...

And now....
Things have changed
So drastically
That nothing will ever
Heal the breach...
But I still remember you
And I still and for always
Will love you
No matter how much
You hate me...

You can't take away
The memories of
Julie and Justice...
Apprentices to the Kingdom
Who worked together
In the kitchen
And the mermaids
That would swim together
In the pool
In the back yard...

Or when I was little
And I got to come to the hospital
To hold my baby sister in my arms
For the first time...
This memory plays quite a bit
Because of the last baby I held
In my arms...
Who I will never hold again...

Just like you...

But never

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