Monday, January 13, 2014

Two Red Mittens 1/12/14

I am having a very hard time
Dealing with the loss of my little girl
But see...
She's still with me...
And she has her little ways
To let me know that
She's watching
She's aware of it all.......

***And so the story begins***

Two days ago,
I was sitting in my room
Holding Kairi's picture...
Having one of my moments...
And looking out the front window
At all the snow on the ground
And I started thinking to myself...
That I'd gotten her a snow suit
Two tiny red mittens
But when I moved
I left it with her daddy
Because the thought that she'd
Never have to see autumn...
She'd never see winter
Was too much for me to

I got up and placed
The picture on the bed
And left the room to try to
Get a coffee or use the restroom..
I can't remember which...
And when I returned

Sitting there in the middle of the floor
Was one red mitten...
And I thought.. nah, it couldn't be....
And when I spoke to her father
About it...
He looked in what he has of hers
And there it sat...
Just one red mitten...
One for each of us

She let us know
She's still watching

With two tiny
Red Mittens

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