Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Wacko Speaks... 1/11/14 UPDATED

 **** Sometime Unfortunately... I jump the gun before I have all the facts... and from here on out, I will get my information straight from the source... Thank you Jason for clearing things up and being the proud wonderful father you have always been and continue to be.... I apologize for any misconception on my part....****

There are some pretty fucked up
People in this world...
Myself, I try to surround myself
With people who are supportive
People who try to help me in a
Positive way
Instead of what I just dealt with
This evening...

I've found the answer as to why
Kairi's father decided to stop speaking
With me....
And I'm floored by the fact
That he's so concerned with the
Opinions of other people that he
Decided against keeping a friendship
With me because of his buddies
Uninformed and unwarranted opinion
That someone elses view of what he
Should be doing is more important
Than honoring his daughter's memory

I truly never thought I'd see that from him
I believed he loved his daughter more than he
Cared about what other people thought

Perhaps someday,
When he decides he'd like to honor his child
And have an honest friendship with her mother
As she would want for us, I'll be willing...

And then maybe I won't...
Because this one isn't on me...
Not this time...

So saith the "Wacko"

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  1. So sad that some people in this world can't mind their own business. No matter what the situation maybe..