Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Too Much 1/7/14

I think about you
Wonder how you're doing
Wonder if you ever think about me

I usually begin these musing
The moment I try
And fail
To fall asleep
And so here I am
One more fucking night
Trying to find a way
To pass the hours
In between life and
The stale death
I've allowed
Into my soul

Without you

So I do
I sit here and I wonder
Am I ever on your mind
The way you blaze through mine
Do you ever toss and turn
And miss waking up
On my chest
The way your little
Body would fit perfectly
In my arms
The sweet spot
Behind your ears
I would kiss and
I'd inhale the sweet
Infant sent of you
As you snuggle into me
Until that morning

When I guess I'd loved you
Too much to keep you
Or you were needed
Too much to stay

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